Determining Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Time

Each situation is unique, but anywhere from 8-12 sessions are typically required to fully remove a tattoo. While some tattoos may require more treatment sessions, some tattoos may require less.

So what factors determine time?

Amount of ink, skin tone, location of the tattoo on the body and smoking all play a factor in determining treatment time for tattoo removal. While there is no way to know for certain how many treatments will be required, coming in for a consultation is the best way to estimate the number of treatments that may be needed.

Amount of Ink

Some tattoos contain more ink. Those with more ink will take more time to remove, those with less ink will take less time to remove. Cover-up tattoos, for example, contain two layers of ink. Since ink is removed a layer at a time, a cover-up tattoo will likely take longer to treat. Homemade tattoos will take fewer treatments to remove due to less ink in the tattoo, some are removed in just one treatment.

Skin tone

The laser can have a different effect on different skin tones as the laser also can remove pigment from the skin. By using the proper settings and monitoring the use of the laser, we can safely remove any tattoo from any skin tone but darker skin tones may require more time and attention than lighter skin tones.

Location of tattoo

The laser tattoo removal process of removing ink requires help from your own immune system. Immune cells within your body collect and remove the ink as it is broken up by the laser. Immune cells move fastest closest to your heart where your blood pressure is increased. Therefore, tattoos within close proximity to the heart can be removed faster.


Smokers with tattoos should anticipate increased treatment time for tattoo removal as the immune system of a smoker is busy working to remove foreign substances from the lungs. Because the immune system is working overtime, it can take significantly longer for a smoker’s tattoo to be fully removed.

To find out more or to schedule a free consultation, contact the Easton, PA’s laser tattoo removal specialists at Precision Laser.

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