Astanza MeDioStar

The Astanza MeDioStar

Precision Laser is proud to offer laser hair removal and aesthetic procedures with the advanced Astanza MeDioStar laser. The Astanza MeDioStar is the most powerful diode laser on the market and is trusted by leading physicians, dermatologists, medical spas, and laser clinics worldwide. Our investment in this technology is proof of our continued dedication to offering the best treatments and greatest results for our clients.

The Astanza MeDioStar is a revolutionary diode laser that produces a unique 810 and 940 nm wavelength combination for optimal melanin and hemoglobin absorption. The MeDioStar boasts more power, shorter pulses, and higher speeds for highly-efficient, yet gentle and comfortable treatments. Best of all, this cutting-edge diode laser is equipped with a cooling system that guarantees pain-free treatments and safe application for all skin types, including newly tanned skin.

The MeDioStar at Precision Laser features three full-powered Monolith handpieces (XL, M, and VAS) with 360º contact skin cooling to cool the epidermis immediately prior to each pulse. This cooling feature protects the skin from burns and provides maximum comfort throughout treatment. Furthermore, special TAPER technology ensures even distribution of energy, prevention of hot spots, and reduced risk of unwanted side effects.

●     Monolith XL: Our Monolith XL handpiece features the largest spot size in the industry at 10 cm2 and is ideal for performing hair removal on large areas like the back, chest, legs, and arms. Treatments on large areas typically take 15 minutes with traditional lasers, but our MeDioStar’s 10 cm2 spot size can perform large treatments in as little as 4 minutes.

●     Monolith M: Our Monolith M handpiece with a 1.5 cm2 spot size is perfect for delivering precise and convenient treatments on smaller areas like the face, underarms, neck, and bikini area.

●     VAS: Our VAS handpiece is specifically designed to treat unwanted vascular lesions like leg veins, spider veins, hemangiomas, and other ectatic vessels. The VAS handpiece’s 940 nm wavelength is ideal for hemoglobin absorption.

Precision Laser is the only clinic in Easton, PA to offer treatments with this one-of-a-kind technology for all skin types. For the fastest laser hair removal treatments in Easton, PA, come to Precision Laser today. Our MeDioStar laser can perform laser hair removal, acne treatment, photofacials, vascular lesion removal, and more. Call to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our unparalleled technology!