Tattoo Removal Technology

Advanced technology leads to better results. Precision Laser has invested in the best of the best to provide our clients with the safest, most optimal fading in the fewest amount of treatments.

The Astanza Trinity

Precision Laser uses the industry-leading Astanza Trinity laser to perform all laser tattoo removal treatments. The Astanza Trinity is one of the most revered lasers in the tattoo removal industry. This state-of-the-art laser is backed by Astanza, the leading manufacturer in tattoo removal lasers, and is trusted by the best tattoo removal practices, tattoo artists, and laser clinics throughout the world. Clients of Precision Laser can rest assured they’re being treated with the best technology on the market.

The Astanza Trinity combines the power of two standalone lasers, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and Q-switched ruby laser. Together, these lasers produce three essential wavelengths, 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm, to target and remove a full-spectrum of ink colors. Each wavelength targets a specific group of ink colors:

  • 1064 nm: Ideal for treating dark pigments like black and blue inks.
  • 532 nm: Ideal for treating warm pigments like red, orange, brown, and yellow.
  • 694 nm: Essential for treating vibrant blue and greens.

Precision Laser specifically invested in the Astanza Trinity for its ability to treat all tattoo ink colors. Bright blue and lime green colors are known to be resistant and difficult to remove. The Majority of other clinics only support 1064 nm and 532 nm and are unable to remove multicolored tattoos. Only our Trinity’s 694 nm ruby wavelength can effectively shatter vibrant blue and green inks.

Furthermore, our Astanza Trinity uses Q-switching technology to deliver ultra-quick pulses of light energy. Each pulse of the laser is packed with unparalleled peak power, fast pulse durations, and high pulse energies to deliver optimal ink shattering and faster fading with each treatment.

Not only is our Trinity safe to use on all skin types I through VI, but it also features two flat-top homogenous square shaped beams for even energy distribution and treatment overlap prevention. These features allow for improved safety with each pulse, leading to reduced unwanted pigmentation changes and reduced pain.

Precision Laser is the only clinic in Easton, PA to deliver full-spectrum, full-powered laser tattoo removal for all skin types. We use customized, safe protocols unique to your skin type and tattoo to ensure you receive the best results. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!


Precision Tattoo Removal is very excited to provide laser tattoo removal treatments using the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch. This innovative laser tattoo removal accessory makes treatments faster, safer, and more effective compared to treatments without the Patch.

What is the Patch?

The PFD Patch is a transparent, square silicone patch infused with a special nontoxic ingredient, Perfluorodecalin (PFD), that significantly speeds up the tattoo removal experience when compared to treatments without the Patch.1

Laser Tattoo Removal Without the Patch

Traditional laser treatments consist of only one laser pass per treatment due to the laser frost effect that occurs immediately following a laser pulse.2 This white, bubbly laser frost effect, also known as epidermal whitening, is a gas bubble formation that inhibits penetration of additional laser light energy into the skin’s dermis and takes about 30 minutes to resolve, diminishing the efficacy of multiple laser passes.2-4 Traditional single-pass treatment paired with the minimum six to eight-week healing period between treatment sessions makes laser tattoo removal a very time-consuming process.

The Zimmer Cryo

Precision Laser uses the Zimmer Cryo cooling machine, the #1 skin numbing solution, to alleviate your skin for treatment. Although laser tattoo removal is a highly tolerable treatment, it can be uncomfortable and even painful for many. That is why we’ve invested in the best skin numbing machine in the industry.

The Zimmer Cryo is a noninvasive device that provides immediate alleviation and cooling comfort to the skin. The Cryo works similarly to a blow dryer and directs freezing cold air (-22ºF) to the desired treatment area through a long, flexible hose. Within minutes, your skin is cooled to a freezing chill and successfully numbed for treatment.

Unlike ice packs that wear off during treatment, our Cryo numbs the skin before, during, and after treatment. That’s right, the Cryo delivers nonstop relief throughout the entirety of your treatment when pain relief is desired most.

Not only does the Cryo provide fast and effective comfort and pain relief, but it also reduces thermal injury making treatments safer for your skin. Don’t let the fear of pain keep you from removing your unwanted ink. Call our Easton clinic to schedule a free consultation and feel the skin numbing effects of our Cryo first hand.