Reasons why people get their tattoos removed

Tattoos have been around for decades, if not centuries, and are now widely accepted in society. Tattoos and body art are a form of self-expression that defies preconceptions and demographics. Up to 50 million Americans, 70% of whom are women and 30% of whom are males, have at least one tattoo on their skin. So, why are individuals getting tattoos erased if they are so popular? We’ve highlighted the five most common reasons why people seek laser tattoo removal.

Change of Occupation

Despite the popularity of tattoos, many people with visible tattoos find it difficult to enter the workplace. More people are getting their tattoos removed in order to improve their chances of landing a new or better job. This incentive is common in the military, where rigorous tattoo standards are enforced.

Breakup in the Recent Past

While many people believe that getting their significant other’s name tattooed on their arm is a beautiful display of love and dedication, they frequently find themselves in a bind when their relationship goes bad. When going through a difficult break-up or divorce, hundreds of people seek laser tattoo removal to remove an ex’s name.

Decisions That You’ll Regret

What looked like a decent option at the time may not be so good a few years later, or even the next morning. Many people have made decisions on the spur of the moment that they later come to regret. Laser tattoo removal is an excellent way to get rid of those embarrassing memories that we can’t manage to get rid of – despite our best efforts.

Lifestyle Change

These individuals were frequently party animals and free spirits who have since matured into diligent, respectable adults.  Many parents cover up their tattoos for this reason, so their children don’t have to see the embarrassing mistakes they made as kids.

Poor Quality

While the world is full of creative artists, not all of them are equally endowed. It’s possible that the work of art you pictured in your thoughts was not placed permanently in your skin as you had hoped. Many patients do not do their homework before choosing a tattoo artist, and as a result, they are subjected to low quality work and even misspellings.

Whatever the case may be, Precision laser is here to assist you. Patients of all skin tones in Philadelphia can benefit from our high-quality laser tattoo removal procedures. Our cutting-edge Astanza laser technology can penetrate deep into your skin, effectively break ink, and promote faster fading with fewer treatments. If you’d like to have your tattoo erased, give us a call now to set up a free consultation!

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