Cooling out with Cryo

One of the leading reasons that people avoid seeking laser tattoo removal on unwanted ink is fear of the pain. At Precision Laser, we recognize and understand this hesitation. Therefore, we have secured the best equipment possible to ensure the most efficient treatment and comfortable experience for our clients.

Included in our lineup of equipment is our Zimmer Cryo chilling machine. This small but mighty machine blows -30C degree air through a hose to create a numbing effect to the treatment area. The Zimmer Cryo is used by our practitioners before, during, and after the treatment procedure in order to increase our clients’ comfortability. The amount of cool air delivered can be adjusted based on client preference. We’ve had many clients attest that the cool air significantly reduces the amount of pain felt during their treatments.

If fear of the pain has kept you from moving forward with your removal journey, then fear no more! Schedule an appointment with us at Precision Laser, where we have the best equipment available to make you more comfortable during laser tattoo removal sessions.

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