The Scariest Tattoo Removal Tales

Halloween will soon be upon us, and there is nothing scarier than having a tattoo removed at an inexperienced place. If you are looking to remove a tattoo you simply don’t want anymore, or regretting a tattoo you may have recently gotten, it is our hope that you will find a reputable laser facility that can effectively and safely remove your tattoo. There are several reasons why finding a respectable laser clinic is so important.

Desperation Can Ruin a Person’s Skin

Do you find yourself feeling curious about how a tattoo removal procedure could go wrong? A simple Google search will show you numerous photos of people who were desperate to remove their unwanted tattoos.

Our experienced team has performed many tattoo removal procedures and we have seen it all. People will go to great lengths to remove their tattoo if they are desperate enough.

Going to the wrong clinic is one of the scariest mistakes a person can make when they are getting an unwanted tattoo removed. If the facility does not use the right laser, or the staff is inexperienced, your skin could be damaged for life and you could be out thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. We see clients every week who have gone through these situations.

Every Laser Clinic Is Different

If staff are not knowledgeable or do not have sufficient training on how to use a laser, they may think that they can use any tattoo removal laser to remove a person’s tattoo. This could not be any falser. Choosing the appropriate facility, with an experienced laser specialist and the right laser for the job, can make a significant difference if you are looking to remove a tattoo safely and efficiently.

The following scenarios could happen if you visit the wrong laser tattoo clinic:

  • A cheap laser that’s not suitable for tattoo removals, an inexperienced tech, or both, could lead to scarring.
  • You could experience a variety of photoallergic reactions such as dermatitis. An experienced laser tech could help you avoid and understand these circumstances.
  • An unsanitary facility environment or improper aftercare can lead to bacterial infections.

These are several common examples of what is out there when you are seeking laser tattoo removal from an inexperienced or unskilled technician. When it comes to removing an unwanted tattoo, we do not want you to become another scary statistic. Make sure that the clinic you are doing business with has the correct laser for the job, along with a team of technicians who know how to use it.

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Because your tattoo was meant to be permanent, you want to enlist the assistance of a professional to walk you through the entire removal procedure. To schedule your FREE consultation, give us a call today.

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