4 Natural Tips To Get Rid of Your Tattoo Faster

What was maybe a spur-of-the-moment tattoo decision could take a while to correct, but there are ways to speed up the process. By making small, natural, safe, and healthy changes to your lifestyle you’ll make your tattoo removal treatments more effective; and best of all, your tattoo regret will be a thing of the past faster. Here are some tips from Precision Tattoo Removal, Easton’s top Tattoo Removal Clinic.  Read on to learn the tips of the trade to get that ink gone fast!

  1. Drink Lots of Water
    Say “Yes!” to water and “No!” to alcoholic beverages during the tattoo removal process. An increase in your water intake will help you to stay well hydrated and your body will process the ink more efficiently. Alcohol naturally dehydrates you, so drinking between treatments will be detrimental to the entire process.
  2. Be More Active
    Add more physical activities to your schedule on a daily basis. This will increase blood flow, assisting the break-down of the ink particles in your skin. Even if you can only set aside time for exercise on a weekly basis, as long as it’s regular exercise, you’ll most likely see faster results from your tattoo removal treatments.
  3. Quit Smoking or Try to Minimize Smoking while in Treatment
    It’s hard to quit smoking; but it is better for your tattoo removal treatments; and not to mention your overall health. Did you know that smoking can decrease your tattoo removal effectiveness by 70%? If you continue to smoke during treatment, that means you will need to undergo substantially more sessions to get rid of that tattoo. Using tattoo removal as motivation to stop smoking could allow you to end your sessions with an entirely new, healthier, and happier you. However, you must make the choice to take that big step in improved health!
  4. Wear Sunscreen
    It is important to keep your tattoo out of the sun during your treatment process. Though that may seem silly because that’s probably what your artist told you to do to actually keep the tattoo from fading in the first place, your technician will continue to remind you of the importance of this protective measure. If your treatment area is damaged by the sun the technician cannot perform tattoo removal treatment until the area is healed. Rescheduled and lighter treatments mean a longer tattoo removal process. You can wear sunscreen, wear protective clothing, or cover up the treatment area with bandages to prevent exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Though the laser ultimately removes your tattoo, you can help move the process along. Speed up your removal by making healthy life choices and treating your body the way it deserves. Have questions? Contact us today to learn more about tattoo removal, aftercare, and other helpful treatment tips.

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